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Art Direction • Concept • Brand Narrative


Role: Art Director

Senior Copywriter: Lydia Abend

Creative Director: Jennifer Perry

Director: WATTS

The Constant Contact fall TV campaign for 2020 was different for many reason. Earlier that year we had gone through a complete rebrand. To bring our new brand and positioning to life, we created 2 new Broadcast TV spots that combined email with an online store message. Because of travel restriction this entire process from concept to casting to production was 100% remote.

We developed a side by side concept entitled Win/Win. This showed the SBO working in their space and their customer at home, yet because of Constant Contacts email marketing and ecommerce tools they were still able to safely interact.

Both the Plant Shop :30 and Plant Shop/Fitness :15’s was the highest ever tested ​brand Recall for for any Constant Contact creative. Viewers connected with the appealing visuals and found the spots highly informative. I concepted, storyboarded, and designed this campaign.

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