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Dr. Fauci Books

Social Media Project


April 2020, 2 months into the pandemic, was the first time I heard negative comments towards Dr. Anthony Fauci. When it became an everyday talking point I decided that I would create a mash-up of a Dr. Seuss book cover based on Dr. Fauci topic.


I started planning only one cover "Oh the Places You Won't Go!". The enjoyment that friends and colleagues said the got from it spurred me to create a few more.

When I hit 10 covers I was contacted by Print Magazine to feature the project. I wanted to change the covers as little as possibly while taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to the misinformation that had been showing up in certain outlets.


I finished the project at a total of 20 covers and was contacted by people throughout the US to ask permission to repost and use the images. The were displayed in restaurants, offices, and were made into a Mardi Gras themed house "Yardi Gras" in New Orleans; which was featured in The Atlantic, NPR, CBS News, and the Washington Post.

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